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Serving Pennsylvania Since 1951

In the early 1950s Bill Hoffman and his brother in law Morris Goldberg were working for a company called Universal Restaurant Supply. Although they saw a great deal of promise in the restaurant supply business, they began to consider the idea of starting their own business.

In 1952, Bill, his brother Dave, and Morris started their own restaurant supply company naming it Penn Fixture & Supply. Starting a company takes capital, smart planning, a certain amount of luck and an incredible amount of hard work. To raise some of the necessary funds, Bill Hoffman sold his bar in Braddock, taking the chance that the company would be a success.

The early years of Penn Fixtures existence were challenging. The business operated out of a small building which used to stand where the equipment division is located today. The company lacked the capital to make large purchases of inventory and therefore, at times, had to sell product before they actually possessed it.

In the next decade, Penn Fixture & Supply slowly started to grow while tackling the obstacles that many start ups face as they mature. Thankfully the three were able to meet many of these challenges while increasing the strength and security of the business. In 1968 they were able to have the main building constructed. This accomplishment gave the company the ability to expand their operations to handle a larger volume of customers, as well as ,clients that needed larger amounts of product. This also allowed Bill, Morris and Dave to use the original building to start housing and selling used equipment.

During the next four decades, Penn Fixture continued to grow, increasing their staff from a handful of people to over 20. To increase the buying power and keep their prices competitive Penn Fixture & Supply joined the ABC Buying Group. Headquartered in Chicago, Penn fixtures affiliation with ABC allowed the company to keep its prices competitive with larger competitors by increasing the procurement power.

Since 1952 the company has gone through considerable change. The founding members are sadly no longer with us. Uncle Morry passed away in the spring of 2008. Taking on the role, Bills son Mitchell has run the company for some time. With the help of our young generation and technology, computers now handle many of the tasks that were once done by hand. Although the technology has changed along with the personnel, one thing has remained constant since the inception of Penn Fixture & Supply: The customer.

The customer is the simple yet most effective solution to a successful business. Businesses built one customer at a time are the businesses that strive and survive. Penn Fixture will always dedicate the same high level of service no matter what the clientèle. The three founding members would not have had it any other way. This constant level of service and simple yet effective mantra has been carried on by Mitchell and has been passed on to our current staff.

In everything Penn Fixture does it is not only a way of doing business, but a personal commitment to the people we service. This commitment will continue to be for many years to come.

Penn-United Restaurant Supply, est. 2009 and sister company to Penn Fixture and Supply Co. of Pittsburgh, PA, was originally established as Weiss Bros. in 1933. For nearly 50 years, Weiss Bros. dedicated itself to being the premier supplier to the food-service industry of Pennsylvania and Maryland.

In 1981, Weiss Bros. merged with Restaurant Equipment House. The new company, United Restaurant Equipment, continued with an unmatched commitment to industry excellence and customer service that the founders had engrained in their personnel over many decades. Throughout the 80's, 90's, and the 00's, United Restaurant Equipment progressed into the 21st century by keeping pace with technological advancements that pertain to both equipment and supplies for the food service industry.

Product knowledge, product availability and meaningful customer service have been three areas of concentrated excellence that were mainstays throughout the Weiss Bros. and United Restaurant Equipment years. These areas will continue to be central to the success of Penn-United Restaurant Supply and all of our customers.

Our primary objective as a full service organization is to provide our customers exceptional value and service every day. To reach our goal and meet the increased challenges of today's industry, knowledge and commitment to training are essential. Penn-United Restaurant Supply is committed to educational programs and to the ideals of the North American Federation of Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) and Foodservice Equipment Distributors' Association (FEDA). Penn-United is also proud to boast one of the largest staffs of Certified Foodservice Sales Professionals (CFSP) in Central Pennsylvania.

We offer state of the art engineering, interior design, total project coordination and large inventories to support the needs of our diverse customer base. We carry a large selection of glassware, china, silverware, cooking equipment, refrigeration, kitchen utensils, bar supplies, janitorial supplies and much more.

Penn-United Restaurant Supply can also accommodate special orders and can drop-ship product from our partner manufacturers to almost any destination around the globe. Our experienced sales staff is trained to assist you with any questions you may have.

Please take some time to visit our centrally located showroom, one of the largest, most attractive in the Eastern United States. We'll be happy to help you in any way we can. We look forward to working with you and hope to continue being valuable resource that contributes to the success of our clientele. Our showroom is open to the public and we invite anyone that wants to "cook like the pros" to visit.

For the professional or amateur chef, pub owner or chain manager, 5 star hotel or concession stand, Penn-United Restaurant Supply is an organization that can be relied upon for quality products and valuable services.